Make your own onsite event!

Classic advertising campaign it’s when you are buying traffic with different paiement model : CPA (cost per action : registration, action onsite, or even purchase ), CPC (cost per click), CPM (cost per view) or even. The setup of campaign and parameters in this case is doing by agency, basing on your requirements.

Google AdWords  and Facebook Ads gives you the possibility to setup your own campaign manually, to choose your budget, model of paiement (cpc/cpm/cpa) and locate your target audience by zone and interests.

Events can be online and offline. Tombola on your site can be a good exemple of effective online event that will increase the liability of your inside audience and monetisation.
Offline event can be an organisation of different types of competitions or just a small evening party for users of your site.

All these types of events increases the relevancy of existing users and attract the new ones.

For every strategy there is an effective online/offline marketing campaign that we can help you to create realise!

Campaigns and events