Hosting and support – important aspects of the website functionality

A full work of any website is impossible without its technical support and continuous maintenance. The services of support and hosting that we offer are:

  • help in choice of the unique domain name
  • choosing the hosting provider
  • negotiations with the support group of hosting provider
  • setting up the hosting server and deployment of your site on it
  • subdomains management and email addresses creation
  • backing up of the website and creation of the mirrors
  • stress testing and periodical monitoring of the site
  • collection of statistics, stability control and others jobs

Our specialists will select a unique domain name for your website, taking into account your wishes, the presence or absence of certain words in a domain name, geographic coverage.

It’s quite important to choose the secure hosting provider. Our team will offer you the most optimal variant, taking into account its features and characteristics, and also its market reputation.

If you address to our team, you can be sure, that we will select for you the resonant, easy for remember domain name, we will provide you the stable work of your website, we will do all necessary backups and also we will provide you the troublproof work of your site.

Hosting & Support