Why are sites in WordPress so popular?

In 2012 during creation of our team, WordPress was one of our specialties – 40% of our projects have been realised under this CMS, as our website www.weeteam.net.

23% of websites on the internet are created in WordPress. Why people choose it to develop their sites?

1) Easy to use:

At first, this СMS was done  for “juniors” who wanted to create their blog. The WordPress admin interface is one of the simplest and most ergonomic.

2) Easy to install, develop and support:

WordPress is easy to install, the whole process is very simple and requires very little computer knowledge.

3) Large community, many plugins and functional templates:

With a huge number of blogs in WordPress , there is a community of millions of users worldwide.

4) From blogs to e-commerce.

With a lot of plugins, it is easy to perform new tasks and improve your site.