WeeTeam is a group of determined and motivated specialists having many years’ experience of work in various national and international organizations. We are glad to put our expertise and skills at your disposal.
Our true passion is to manage the project from the very beginning, i.e. creation of a concept, and till its complete implementation, including development, prototyping, testing and validation stages. It should also be kept in mind that process of integration of global and complex solutions constantly faces challenging problems in the context of technological innovations.
Our goal is to support you at all stages of the projects, providing development and individual monitoring as well as efficient integration of existing information management systems.
The purpose of our activity is to provide recommendations, develop Internet/Intranet systems, E-commerce and internet marketing. All of it contributes to attraction and retention of the customers and expands our portfolio, which you will find below.

Skills and services provided.

Development and integration:

layout and integration of HTML / PHP / CSS / CMS / animation / distance selling and setting-up of online stores (E-commerce) / mobile device applications,


logos/ visualization / web design / newsletters / event-triggers / booklets / graphical conceptions / brands / graphic change,

Internet marketing:

 Statistics / communication and mass media.

Recommendations of professionals, support and assistance in development of technical specifications, complete list of tests, and outsourcing of business applications